Nature/Not Nature

2007 Summer Exhibition

Nature/Not Nature

On View: June 2007 - June 2008 

Curated by Peter Franck and Kathleen Triem


Participating artists: Jae Hi Ahn, Jane Benson, Elizabeth Demaray, Dan Devine, Alex Fischer, Baris Karayazgan, John Powers, Lisa Solomon and Peter Stempel


Nature Not Nature explored ways in which artists represent or make use of nature in the construction of outdoor art. The gamut of installations created a dialogue revolving around the representation of nature using natural and artificial materials. Nature Not Nature was a curatorial experiment which goes to root issues of making art constructions in an outdoor context. Questions relating to form and material are provocative in the landscape of the sculpture park.


Sheep Farm by Dan Devine is currently on view from this exhibition. Click here to learn more. 


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Lisa Solomon, Katharos


Jae Hi Ahn, Untitled


Baris Karayazgan, Stone Garden


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