John Cross


Columns (Corinthian, Open and Doric), 2004

On View: June 2005 - Present


John Cross is a multi-disciplinary sculptor who works in both large and small scale. His larger, more contemporary sculptures are based on form and transformation, which combine the structure inherent in tree elements with the imprint of sculptural modulation. Cross' overall interest in sculpture is the process, in which the different materials create varied results. These three columns immitate the classical design of ancient columns, relived in a different material. 


His materials range from wood to marble and aluminum. His marble busts depict artists such as Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and Louise Nevelson in small-scale, simplifying these canons into small-scale portraits made with precious, hardy materials. His small scale wood carvings range in subject from Groucho Marx, Georgia O'Keefe, Woody Allen, and Giamcometti, using minimal color and simple features. Works by Cross can be found in public and private collections in institutions in the U.S. and Great Britain, and his sculptures are shown throughout the world from the 1970s through today.


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