Image in the Landscape

2001 Summer Exhibition

Part 1: Image in the Landscape, 2001

Curated by Peter Franck and Kathleen Triem


Participating artists: Mary Ellen Carroll, Thomas Eller, Joy Episalla, Carrie Yamaoka


Image in the Landscape was conceived as a way of subverting the idea of "representation" in sculpture. The concept of "image," or figuration, implies heroic monumentality and the commemoration of historic events and personalities, or at the very least, the safe soothing and bourgeois surroundings of a formal garden. Despite these connotations of power and conservatism (both artistic and political) this genre sometimes provokes a deep connection between memory and place.


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Thomas Eller, The Objectile (Fly)

Joy Episalla, Dropped Image

Carrie Yamaoka, Out of the Blue

Mary Ellen Carroll, The Center and the Scoff

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