Andreas Savva

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Oval Frontiers, 2016 
synthetic rope, wood, hardware 
varied dimensions

Andreas Savva's rope interventions jump and grab at tree branches, leaves and rocks. Each connecting point of synthetic rope is carefully selected, defining the pace in which these works exist through Savva's language of rope as a linear medium. The artist worked several weeks on-site, constructing an installation in The Fields Sculpture Park.

Savva's work in the Fields explores the oval as an abstract shape, while inviting a playful perspective on the political context of the "oval." Knots and ties of bright orange rope traverse a 30-foot wooded area at the edge of the Fields, creating a massive bowl-like net structure punctuated by rhythmic wooden patterns that subtly reference train tracks and the region's transporation history.    

Andreas Savva was born in Kyrenia, Cyprus and lives and works in Nicosia. Savva is an Art Omi alum from 2014. Solo exhibitions include Sleep Sliding Away, EDW, ReMap4, Athens (2013); Martyrium, gallery François Heitsch, Munich, Germany (2012); Kosmos, Cork Vision Centre, Cork, Ireland (2005) and more. Savva has shown work in group exhibitions at institutions and galleries including Nicosia Municipal Art Centre, CAMP, Pulchiri Studio - The Hauge, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, Larnaca Municipal Gallery and more. The artists attended the Athens School of Fine Arts (Painting) from 1991-96, and obtained a postgraduate programme in Digital Arts from 2002-04.

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Oval Frontiers, 2016

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